Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ten Things I Want my Son to Know Before He Starts Dating

1. Ask a girl out on a date. It doesn't have to happen frequently, but it should happen at times. There are circumstances when it's good to "hang out," but sometimes a girl wants to feel special, and actually go on a date instead of just "hanging out."

2. A girl does not owe you anything. If you ask a girl on a date and spend your time and money on her, that is great, and that is kind of you. However, please keep in mind that it was YOUR choice to do that. Just like any other time we choose to give something of ourselves, we should do it because we want to, not because we expect something in return. The only thing you should expect to get from your date is a simple "Thank you!"

3. Date a variety of girls. As a teenager and young adult you are still working on discovering who you are. If you continue to date the same person, and never branch out to others,  you will miss out on opportunities that will allow you to discover what types of girls you really like.

4. Never text your date to come out when you arrive at her house. The parents of the young lady you are taking out on a date are entrusting their daughter with you. Out of common respect for both the young lady and her parents, you should always go to the door and knock. This will allow the parents of the young lady to talk with you if they desire, and it will show them that you have respect for them and their daughter. 

5. Date in groups. When you are young, dating is about getting to know a variety of people. It's about learning how to treat and interact with others.  It is also a time of  a lot of hormones. To protect yourself and your date from having physical interactions with one another that you might later in groups.

6. You pay. If you ask a girl out on a date to get some dinner, you don't split the cost of the food with her. You extended the invitation, so you need to cover the cost. 

7. Use cell phones and social media properly. There is no need to spend hours and hours texting a young lady that you have interest in. The more you interact through texting, the more comfortable you will become,  and the more comfortable you become, the easier it becomes to send inappropriate messages or pictures.  You may think you're hiding behind an electronic device, but anything that is ever sent or posted electronically, can never be completely erased. If you would be embarrassed for others to read a text message, or see a picture that you sent, then DON'T send it! If a post on a social media website, or a twitter account is unkind, untrue, or degrading to a young woman (or anyone for that matter), then DON'T post it.

8.  A girl is NOT and will NEVER be an object. It is natural for you to think a girl is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with that. But never forget that there is much more to a young lady than her outward appearance. She is a person with feelings, values, opinions, emotions, and intellect. She should never be used as something to satisfy your desires, and then tossed to the side as if she has no value or worth. You can do that with an old football or video game, but NEVER to a girl.

9. Treat every girl with respect. Chivalry is becoming a lost practice, and it shouldn't be. When you are walking in to a building and a girl is entering at the same time, hold the door open for her. When you are riding on a shuttle bus, and there's not enough seats for the young lady,  give her yours. When you are taking a young lady on a date, open her car door for her. These things are so simple and yet, they don't occur often enough. A girl should also treat you with common respect, but that's for another article.

10. EVERY girl is a princess, and should be treated as such. If you abide by this one simple idea, than all of the other things will become easy to put into place.