Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank you Mormon Women and Mormon Times!

I want to express a heartfelt thanks to Michelle Linford, the editor of and to Emily Jensen from for featuring a post from my blog on January 3&4, 2011.

In my battle with clinical depression, I have come to recognize what a lonely tribulation it can be.  There are those who through lack of understanding, still cling to the stigmas associated with depression, and believe in the many myths that continue to plague this illness.  And yet there are still many others who want to help and understand, but they aren't quite sure what to do or say, so silence prevails.

Because depression can cause such devastating feelings of worthlessness and overwhelming hopelessness, depression sufferers may feel like they are alone in their struggles, which then can continue to validate their feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.  Depression is a serious illness and can even be life threatening.  Therefore, I believe it becomes even more important and vital to it's sufferers to feel understood and to recognize that they are not alone in their struggle.

As I began to find some relief in my personal battle with clinical depression through proper treatment, I felt a strong desire to share with others my journey.  I was reluctant in the beginning to have my name associated with my blog.  I didn't know if I was capable of allowing just anyone to know that I had been fighting a very difficult battle with clinical depression.  However, as I began to have more confidence in myself and my purpose for creating this blog, I soon became more comfortable with the idea, and just recently included both my name and picture on my blog.

The spark that created the desire in me to share with others my journey came about for several reasons.  First, as a way to express my gratitude for the "angels" that have helped carry me through this trial.  Second, to create and promote a better understanding and perspective of those who struggle with clinical depression (as well as anxiety).  Lastly, I felt a strong desire for the need to be open with my experiences through this trial, in order to help others carrying the same burden to recognize that they are not alone in their battle.  I believe that sometimes the Lord expects us to share our own personal experiences in order to bring some light and hope to other of God's children.

Thank you again to the good ladies at Mormon Women and Mormon Times for their kindness and the opportunity they created for my blog post to reach many others who are sharing my same struggles.  I have found additional strength and  peace as individuals have in turn shared with me their experiences with clinical depression.  I've heard the accounts of several faithful people who continue to press forward in their personal battle.  Thank you for sharing with this daughter of God your faith in Christ.


You can find the link to both of these websites listed below:

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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing! I came across your blog through another blog I follow. I recently have experienced or actually admitted that maybe just maybe I too was depressed! How could I be? I have the world in my hands everyone says? I look forward to your posts and following you! I love the quote from President Uchtdorf! He is such an amazing man! Believe me I have begged and pleaded many times and said "enough is enough" but I guess I still need to learn...

  2. Linda,
    Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. I always appreciate others willingness to share with me a part of their experiences and insights. I too love Pres. Uchtdorf. I love his reminder that trials can actually lead to greater opportunity, understanding, and happiness. Thanks for your example of faith.