Monday, April 4, 2011

Divine Guidance

I love General Conference that comes around every six months, when the people of the LDS (Mormon) faith have the opportunity to hear inspired words from the prophets, apostles, and leaders of the church.  One theme that was really emphasized throughout the conference was that of caring for others.  This may be done through the Welfare program organized under the direction of the church leaders, or it may be done in a very personal way in which we have the sacred opportunity to serve as instruments in God's hands to become an answer to the very prayers that are being offered by those around us.

A couple of times throughout the conference we were reminded by Church leaders, that "God does hear our prayers, but it is often through another person that He meets our needs."

I have always had a deep gratitude for the knowledge that I have of understanding that the Lord can directly provide answers to our individual prayers, through other people just like myself.  In this setting, under these circumstances, these charitable individuals are no longer just mortal beings, instead they are for a time, mortal angels, carrying out the work of the Lord in a mortal state under divinely guided direction.

I have seen so many times in my own personal life and in the lives of those around me, people who have been blessed because of the willingness of others to reach out in the spirit of love and sacrifice to those around them.  These individuals are exemplifying the Christ-like attribute of charity. In doctrine and covenants 42:38 it says, "for inasmuch as ye do it unto one of the least of these, ye do it unto me."  If we understand that scripture, then we should also understand the importance of helping, loving, and serving those around us.

It is through my battle with depression that I have truly gained a deep gratitude for those who willingly listened to and obeyed those heavenly promptings received on my behalf.  I have come to recognize as never before, that my prayers are heard and they are answered, but many times those answers come through the divine guidance received by my family, friends, and neighbors.

"To the world we may be only one person, but to one person, we may be the world."  I love that!  How true that is!  I can attest to this because through my dark days of depression there have been individuals who literally have meant the world to me, because they made all the difference in the world, during times when I so desperately needed the reassurance that I was worth something.

I would like to reiterate a challenge given by Church leaders to carry out a day, or at least a deed of service. Think of how many lives could be touched, how many hearts mended, and how many prayers could be answered if we all made serving, caring, and loving a constant part of our daily actions.

I would also encourage you to take a few minutes to view this Mormon Message, "Cheering Each Other On."   My heart was touched as I saw the Christ-like love that these high school cheerleaders showed to their classmate.  To this sweet girl struggling with the paralyzing affects of muscular dystrophy, these cheerleaders made a world of difference.  These cheerleaders literally became mortal angels, carrying out a divinely guided and very personal mission on behalf of another who also in her own angelic way, has blessed the lives of countless others.

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