Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank You Mormon and Your LDS

Today the Mormon Women website posted an article that I submitted to them about my experience in dealing with depression. I have come to gain a great respect for the people that oversee their website. I have specifically worked with Michelle Linford, who is one of their editors. She has taught me a great deal about the influence that writing can have, not only on the readers, but on the author as well. She is a very talented, kind, and insightful lady.

I want to thank her for her willingness to work with me and tutor me as I have searched for opportunities to share with others what I have learned and experienced as I have dealt with the struggles of depression in my life. Thank you Michelle!

I also want to thank those who oversee the website, Your LDS They have featured in their weekly newsletter one of my recent posts, "We Don't Have to Do it Alone."

I so appreciate the ability I have been given through others to share my journey in dealing with depression. My purpose in creating this blog was to have a means by which I could reach out to those who are struggling with depression, in hopes to be able to bring a glimmer of hope and light as they strive to overcome this adversity.

It is through the blessing of websites such as Mormon, Your LDS, and Mormon, who have featured some of my posts, that I have had the capability to reach even more people. Thank you for providing for me this opportunity to share my journey!

Here's a link to Mormon and Your LDS website:

Mormon Women


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  2. Sure been thinking about you... Love ya!